Sunday, 29 April 2012

and relax.....snoozes for the Scooby

There was a competition the other week asking for photos that represented friendship and I thought this could be quite nice.  Though I do have to keep reminding Scooby he is just a dog and not an actual person/equal.  I think the dog training is helping with that....although he still is on my bed every morning when I wake up we're not entirely there.

This image of the saddest little face in the world haunted me when I went away for a few days.  It was the longest I was away from Scooby since I've had him.  I missed him really badly and did have to check how he was a few times.

He was fine, of course.

I went to Belgium over Easter on my motorbike.  Belgium is a lovely country.  There are loads of dogs.  Everyone takes their dogs with them wherever they go, walking on the prom, around town, into cafe bars.  I think somewhere that everyone has dogs has got to be a good place to live.  I'm sure Scooby would love it!

These are all Scooby's.  He has more toys, but these are definitely his.
He's spoiled.
For teddies anyway.

Back home and straight back into the usual routines of long walks, dog training, baths, and humiliating the Scooby...  My inspiration in thsi picture was from a very good book called Stuff On My Cat.  There is a related website here  There are some absolute genii (genius's?) on there.  I bow to their expert piling on on domestic animals.  I can only dream of getting 225 items on Scooby, unlike the person who did get 225 items on their cat AND take a picture. 

 .....and relax

This is Scooby the other day after a long walk in the rain.  For someone who loves paddling in the dirtiest mankiest ponds and puddles he is very unhappy when he's wet and will insist on being towel-dried until he's decided he's dry enough.

And then he stretches out along the entire length of the settee and sleeps until tea-time.  He has a very hard life.

I would love to get a kitten.
One of these yoga kittehs would be great.
But not if it'll be really bossy and make me do yoga everyday,
or when I don't feel like it.....