Sunday, 26 February 2012

dog-hair dog-hair everywhere

There is some great news and some terrible news.

The good news is that Scooby's eczema flare-up has gone and his previously bald bits are now furred over.

The bad news is that he's moulting again.  His fur is everywhere.  Wherever he goes he leaves a trail of the stuff.  I've been combing him with his furminator comb and bagging up loads of it and still my vacuum cleaner fills up with the swirling manky canine stuff.


Scooby is not bothered about the trail of destruction he leaves everywhere he goes.

Scooby isn't that much bother really, as long as he has the settee to himself.

More good news is that Scooby seems to have adjusted to his new food and is slightly less hyper than he was.  He still has his moments but he's very much concentrating on being seriously chillaxed...

Still doesn't see the point in getting up, even if the sun is shining.

Now that the days are longer and the weather is getting milder Scooby still doesn't seem too anxious to be outdoors.  He does run around like a happy loony when he's out but he does need some encouragement to get up in the morning.

He sleeps anywhere and everywhere, and he does look offended if you encroach on his 'snoozing space'.  I think he would sleep most of the time if he could get away with it.  The thing is, it isn't just the snoozing, there's the twitching and the whining too.  And the occasional getting up, turning round a few times, then thumping back down into the same place he was to start off with. 

It's a hard life being Scooby.

Scooby's philosophy involves sleeping.
A lot.

Monday, 6 February 2012

happy half husky

Scooby is a happy bunny.  We've had some snow and he's throroughly enjoyed running around in it.  I occasionally think about hitching him up to a sledge, but to be honest I really don't trust him.  If he saw a squirrel he'd be off like a shot and I'd end up parked up a tree.

I reckon with Scooby's ultra superior olfactory sense this must be what it's like for Scooby all the time, being able to 'see' who's been where.

Nom nom nom Scooby eating some snow

An update on Scooby's skin (as if anyone wants to know)..well, he's been having lots of neem.  Neem oil on the raw bits, neem tea on his food and I've washed him with the neem shampoo.  Apart from the smell there hasn't been a massive difference in his skin so far.

He's still super happy and energetic though. 

This is not Scooby being super energetic.  This is Scooby being super tired after a few hours in the snow.

After some big daylight walks over the weekend we're back to the dog-walking by moonlight.  Which was nice tonight as it looks like a full moon.

Today was my son's birthday.  I haven't been neglecting's his birthday cake: 

He's 20.
Unfortunately Scooby can't have any because it's a chocolate cake.
nom nom nom

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Scooby is bonkers!!!

I don't know if it's a side effect of the change of his food, maybe there's too much protein or something but Scooby is completely bonkers crazy.

Copyright 2003 Eri Izawa

Scooby was a nightmare at dog training class tonight.  He kept running off when it was his turn to do something.  This was despite me having some excellent treats with me!!!  And he'd had lots of exercise beforehand.  He was really happy though.  It's hard to be angry with him when he's just so sodding happy and excited.

I'd get him back and put him in a 'down' to calm him down and he'd just roll over wanting me to tickle his tummy. 

I despair.

I changed his food because of his sensitive skin.  I'm not sure if it's helping his skin yet but he seems to be losing cognitive abilities by the day.  To be fair, he didn't have the full set to start off with, but still...

mystery package - the talk of the Post Office

Following the work-avoidance strategies I've been employing recently (i.e. buying stuff off the internet) I had to call in to the Post Office to collect a parcel that couldn't be delivered the other day.

I joined a long queue (of mostly old people) but by the time I was served the post office was empty.  This gave the men behind the counter the opportunity to quiz me over the contents of my parcel.  They were very impressed with the wrapping "it's been sewn!!  look! they've stitched it together!".  This prompted all kinds of questions about what I'd bought, and from where.  "You been ebaying?" one asked with a suspicious sideways look.

The interrogation wasn't exactly of the Special Branch variety, and to be fair they had been audited that day ("we had to count every stamp!") so I didn't mind providing a bit of a diversion.  The package was indeed very exciting, from Bali, sewn, and from a very exotically named person and impressively made its way to me despite only 50% of my name being spelt correctly.

I had to put them out of their miseries eventually and admitted it was probably just something for my dog's eczema.  This made them laugh.  And then apologise.

an abundance of neem

Open the door, find the scissors and open the mystery parcel and yes, it was something for Scooby's eczema.  Loads and loads and loads of Neem.  Neem shampoo, Neem oil, Neem tea leaves, Neem other stuff...

Yes, I did buy it on impulse, but I'll give it a go to see if it helps the daft dog. 

First impressions?  It's a bit stinky...

This video of one happy dog sums up how Scooby is acting at the moment...