Monday, 6 February 2012

happy half husky

Scooby is a happy bunny.  We've had some snow and he's throroughly enjoyed running around in it.  I occasionally think about hitching him up to a sledge, but to be honest I really don't trust him.  If he saw a squirrel he'd be off like a shot and I'd end up parked up a tree.

I reckon with Scooby's ultra superior olfactory sense this must be what it's like for Scooby all the time, being able to 'see' who's been where.

Nom nom nom Scooby eating some snow

An update on Scooby's skin (as if anyone wants to know)..well, he's been having lots of neem.  Neem oil on the raw bits, neem tea on his food and I've washed him with the neem shampoo.  Apart from the smell there hasn't been a massive difference in his skin so far.

He's still super happy and energetic though. 

This is not Scooby being super energetic.  This is Scooby being super tired after a few hours in the snow.

After some big daylight walks over the weekend we're back to the dog-walking by moonlight.  Which was nice tonight as it looks like a full moon.

Today was my son's birthday.  I haven't been neglecting's his birthday cake: 

He's 20.
Unfortunately Scooby can't have any because it's a chocolate cake.
nom nom nom

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