Sunday, 4 March 2012

the many faces of Scooby

Scooby's been doing some modelling for the blog.

This would be his 'Horse & Hounds' / Cheshire Life profile...
Happily trotting along the canal.  If he were human he would be all Burberry and Hunter wellies.

A Putin-esque action shot.  To be truly authentic he would have to be wrestling an alligator or holding an ancient relic he had just 'discovered'.  Whilst simultaneously doing some karate.

The sun worshipper pose.  As could be employed while summering with his famous pals in Barbados or Hawaii.

Scooby as Rodin.  He thinks therefore he is.
(more likely he stinks therefore he is)

 A philosophical Scooby contemplating the meaning of life, the universe and everything.
(It's 42)

Pensive Scooby.
Wondering when he's going to get his breakfast.

I've had a suggestion that the next instalment should be the many faeces of Scooby.  Eurgh!  It won't be!!

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