Saturday, 28 January 2012

hello goodbye

It was a nice sunny day today but after the recent weather there were some trees down, and more that looked like they were on their way.

A nice bit of sun for a change, but with lots of ice on the ground

 One of the trees that has come down blocking the path

Like something out of The Railway Children, trees on their way down the hill

Today gave Scooby a chance to play with his brand new frisbee.  It was great!  He loved it.  He chucked it around, and got very excited.

 Hello frisbee

Unfortunately his pathetically short attention span meant the frisbee ended up floating away down the river...

 Goodbye frisbee

I told him I'm never buying him another toy, ever.  Fortunately he doesn't understand a thing I say so he's not bothered.

some ice ice baby

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